Canadian Energy: Resources and Tips


A member-driven alliance for clean technology professionals and companies in Alberta.

ACTia is the only multi-stakeholder, province-wide and industry-focused group working to support Albertans developing clean technology (“cleantech”) — products and services that improve economic performance and reduce environmental footprint.
This registry based online allows project developers to register their projects, and serialize carbon reductions before the emission offsets are used as a compliance option by a regulated facility.

The CSA Group AEOR provides the infrastructure and public transparency for projects registered to generate Alberta emission offsets.

Member-driven society featuring large and small operating companies.

The BC Oil and Gas Research and Innovation Society (BC OGRIS), formerly the Science and Community Environmental Knowledge (SCEK) Fund, is a not-for-profit society with membership from the BC Oil and Gas Commission (Commission), the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP), and the Explorers and Producers Association of Canada (EPAC).
British Columbia
British Columbia’s report and online portal on reducing gas emissions.

CleanBC puts our province on a clear path to a cleaner, better future. Our 2018 plan includes significant actions that help us to use energy more efficiently and prevent waste, while making sure the energy we do use is the cleanest possible.

British Columbia
An alliance network for the clean technology sector, including information and reports.

As a Canadian non-profit organization, we leverage provincial and territorial strengths to be the reference and the national voice for the cleantech sector nationwide.

A Government of Canada resource that provides reports and information on clean energy and technology.

CanmetENERGY is Canada’s leading research and technology organization in the field of clean energy. Learn how our expertise, projects, unique facilities, and work with key stakeholders are driving a cleaner production and use of energy resources.

Information resource on projects on Carbon, Capture and Storage from the Government of Alberta.

The Quest project has seen Shell’s Scotford upgrader retrofitted for carbon capture and storage. The project is capturing CO2 from oil sands upgrading and transporting it 65 kilometres north for permanent storage approximately two kilometres below the earth’s surface.

Alliance that promotes member companies, and supports research and development in innovative technologies in the clean resource space.

CRIN is a group of forward-thinking oil and gas industry professionals, innovators, financiers, policy makers, incubators & accelerators, academics and students committed to the success of the hydrocarbon energy sector, the people and communities that it touches, and a strong, carbon-competitive and diversified Canadian economy.

A division of Alberta Innovates, CTD provides funding for innovative clean technologies.

This program is intended to facilitate and support the development of novel clean technologies from bench scale to field pilots by advancing technologies with potential to broadly benefit Alberta industry or public sector; Funding novel technology projects; Recruiting and developing highly qualified skilled personnel (HQSP), through the technology development projects, to supply Alberta’s industry with the right skills and competencies in emerging clean technology industries.

Promotes investment opportunities in the clean technology sector.

Alberta’s Clean Technology sector (Cleantech) offers untapped investment opportunities for growth and earning potential across a number of sectors, from agriculture to software, as the province transitions to a cleaner economy. Progressive policies and strategies such as the Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan, the Alberta Jobs Plan and the Climate Change Innovation and Technology Framework create niche investment opportunities in Alberta.

Association focused on decentralization of energy in Canada.

Decentralised Energy Canada (DEC) is a national industry association that helps build and maintain connections within the decentralised energy sector. We provide a network pathway for startups, entrepreneurs, corporations, and market leaders to work together in the most efficient and productive way. DEC builds new awareness about the decentralised energy sector by providing training for municipalities, universities, and those within the industry itself. DEC members are also given the advantage of industry market insight and relevant environmental, economic, and technical expertise.

Organization that funds projects and invests in a diverse portfolio focused on reducing GHG emissions.

ERA works with government, industry and innovators to accelerate development of innovative technologies that reduce GHG emissions. We are helping Alberta transition to a lower carbon future with a stronger, more diversified economy.
Provides administrative services to support greenhouse gas emissions trading.

Western Climate Initiative, Inc. (WCI, Inc.) is a non-profit corporation formed to provide administrative and technical services to support the implementation of state and provincial greenhouse gas emissions trading programs.